Vitacare Mattress

Manufacturer Specifications  PDF


A Flexible Mattress System to Address Body Pressure Points Reduction Needs.

The V4 mattress system for hospital beds offers maximum body pressure points reduction needs.

Product Code: ADV3040NU

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The upgraded V4 RE-ACT introduces full-length transfer edges that provide patient stability for transferring, while reducing patient involuntary migration between mattress and bed-side rails. The V4 can easily be converted from a prevention mattress (with removable Visco “Memory Foam” sections) to a therapeutic surface (with the addition of one or more ROHO therapeutic surfaces).

This product is ideal in cases where you want to protect very specific high-risk body areas i.e. coccyx, heels and shoulders. Many configurations of the mattress inserts can be used for the prevention and treatment of all types of pressure ulcers and pain relief.

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  • No weight capacity limit.
  • Accommodates up to 4 ROHO therapeutic surfaces.
  • All mattresses come with a five-way stretch, incontinent, wipeable antimicrobial cover.
  • Comes with Recovery 5 or Platinum covers.
  • Regular and custom sizes available.