A Mobility Solution for the Bedridden.

Ceiling Tracks address deeper mobility issues by facilitating movement from one room to the other. They can provide a powerful countermeasure solution to the otherwise limiting prospect of having to leave one’s home. Typically, you start with an assessment from a therapist, who would make recommendations as to what configuration options you might most benefit from.

Ceiling tracks, used with an adjoining Patient Lift, provide a ceiling-mounted system which can take you from your bed to around the corner and into your bathroom or any other high-volume mobility area of your home. These tracks are recommended for people whose mobility needs are limited to certain specific areas of the home. They are modular and offer separate connector parts with different functions, which Canada Care Medical uses to create a custom ceiling plan for you, at no additional charge.

Please consult the following models and call or come in-store to identify the right product for you. We offer many more models in-store.

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