Sunrise Xperience Electric Wheelchair

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A Canadian-Made Power Wheelchair for Those with Marginal Hand Function or Switch Control.

The Sunrise Xperience comes with Intelli-drive technology which provides increased tracking capabilities through enhanced traction and steering precision. This electric wheelchair is ideal for those with marginal hand function or switch control.

Product Code: EIPW23

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    The Sunrise Xperience offers mid-wheel drive power which creates optimal stability while vibrations are controlled and not absorbed by the seat or user. The suspension distributes the weight over the entire footprint.The unique Intelli-drive steer correcting feature improves manoeuvrability in indoor or outdoor environments allowing you to drive with ease inside and outside the home. The Sunrise Xperience is part of the X-Series and other models are available to suit particular needs. Consult the above manufacturer PDF or call us for further information on different models.  
    • Max Speed: 10.5 km/h (6.5 MPH.)
    • Intelli-drive technology.
    • Weight Capacity: 136 kg (300 lb.), 204 kg (450 lb.), heavy-duty option.
    • 4-Point wheelchair transport bracket included.
    • Fully adjustable seat: Rehab Seat.
    • Warranty: five years for the frame.
    • Wheelchairs are ordered custom for the client.
    • Available through the Assistive Devices Program (ADP).
    • Available in standard, heavy-duty or pediatric versions.
    • Many colours available.
    • Foot box, headrest, ridigizer and tray are also available. Please consult the Wheelchair Accessories page.