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Health Care Product Specialists Caring for Canadians Since 1969.

Canada Care Medical is proud of over 5 decades of commitment to better health outcomes for Canadians by offering of tailored health care product solutions at an affordable price. CCM staff possesses the knowledge necessary to guide clients and make sure they get the best use out of their purchase.

Canada Care Medical is a proud client-centered health care product provider.

Canada Care Medical has remained a family-oriented business over the years. It began out of the family need for specialized ostomy care products in the Greater Ottawa Region, where none could be found. Founder Brian Meloche, realized there was a need for specialized medical products at large. He decided to fill that gap and established a business centered around helping people manage health concerns and get on with their lives. Over five decades, members of the family have committed to a tradition of service and have greatly expanded the range of medical products and the inventory available through the now 10 store locations.

In addition, CCM has competed successfully for multiple Ontario government LHIN (Local Health Integration Network) medical supplies contracts across the province of Ontario, and has consistently exceeded rigorous performance standards for rapid order processing, on-time customer delivery, in-stock availability, and fulfillment accuracy to accommodate these large health care providers. Our Brampton fulfillment warehouse is proud to have achieved the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System registration, which involves rigorous annual audits and demands continual process improvement.

Together with the health-care product lines, CCM provides clients in-home and in-store repairs and installations of equipment like scooters and stairlifts. CCM also caters to clients who have a temporary need for health-care products through the Rental Department, by providing wheelchairs, walkers, scooters and beds at competitive pricing.

Since 2011, CCM has filled over one million health care product orders. Most of the inventory is easily available for in-store purchases, through inter-store shipping, or regular shipping to your door.

  • Our Ottawa superstore is ADP (Assistive Devices Program) approved to facilitate client medical product prescription needs.
  • Our inventory is one of the largest in Canada, spanning hundreds of different
    medical product categories.
  • We offer 10 locations in Canada and 4 warehouses to support our clients’ requests.
  • We are government HSSO Health Shared Services Ontario prequalified, level 4,
    for Medical Supplies and Medical Equipment.
  • We have fulfilled over one million customer orders.
  • We employ two clinical consultants in Ottawa and maintain telephone hotlines
    (toll free 1-800-267-8855) for consultation and any in-depth clinical inquiries.
  • Our Brampton warehouse is ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System registered.
  • We are proud Canadian Assistive Devices Association (CADA) members.
  • We are registered with the Better Business Bureau.
  • We give back to the community at large and to the health care community
    by supporting different initiatives in yearly commitments.
  • We offer an accessibility-optimized website and believe in greater accessibility for all Canadians.

Care is at the centre of preoccupations for staff and company leadership at all levels. We pride ourselves on rapid and personable phone service and in-store attentiveness and tailored client services.

  • We have Registered Nurses, specialized Mobility & Sales personnel, Technical Repair Specialists, and a Clinical and Enterostomal Therapist on staff.
  • Many of the Call Order Desk team members are certified Compression Fitters.
  • We offer extensive experience and knowledge working with health care providers such as the LIHN’s in Ontario; who requires stringent quality control.
  • We hold frequent staff training through medical supplies manufacturers to ensure competency with product knowledge.
  • We offer a committed Service Team who handle in-store and in-home repairs.
  • Our Rental Department is dedicated to helping you find the right product should you require temporary specialized medical product support.

Our sustainability over the past 50 years is founded on commitments to excellence. Here are some of the elements which structure the way in which we conduct business:

  1. Standard Operating Policies and Procedures
    • These policies are the result of many years of experience in the community delivery of medical supplies and in fact protect our sustainability.
  2. Quality Improvement
    • Continuous and rigorous use of our quality program edicts over many years has resulted in the refinement of our operational policies.
  3. Risk Management Program
    • We have a formal Risk Management Program, which is bound by the laws and regulations of the Province of Ontario and Canada. Our own philosophy extends into risk management by establishing correct models of behaviour in areas that could put our clients and their families, caregivers, contracting agencies and the community at risk.
  4. Standards of Conduct
    • Our commitment to standards is reflected in our Standards of Conduct. They establish correct models of behaviour in areas that could put our clients and their families, caregivers, contracting agencies and the community at risk. They also impact upon the conduct of our business with regard to risk. These standards are:

Quality of Care

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Ethical Business Practices

Conflicts of Interest Policy

Commitments to Employees

    • Our most important resources are our people, therefore we treat each other with respect and consideration, while promoting an environment that supports personal and professional growth and which rewards performance.
  1. Sophisticated Inventory System
    • We use a customized computer inventory management system to maintain appropriate levels of inventory to serve clients.
  2. Client Information Privacy
    • Canada Care Medical maintains a managed network infrastructure with physical access controls and firewalls, and anti-virus and anti-spam protection to ensure the privacy and personal health information (PHI) of our clients.

Access to data on the network is protected by login and password restrictions. We hold ourselves to stringent Privacy Policies both online and in the management of client information in line with PIPEDA requirements.

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