Stander Prodije Junior - Pediatric Mobility

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Children Grow Fast and the Prodije Stander Junior Can Keep Up with Them.

The Prodije Stander Junior is adjustable both in width and height to provide comfort and maximal adaptability for growing children. It also reclines through a locking gas cylinder mechanism that is safe for the user and it can be adjusted anywhere from 0 to a 90-degree angle.

Product Code: JUNIOR

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    The unique aluminum frame concept allows for either a prone or supine positioning depending on the need. It is easy to disassemble and you can do so without losing your preferred adjustment parameters. Consult the above manufacturer PDF and speak with one of our mobility specialists for more information.
    • Fully adjustable in width and height.
    • Recline capacity.
    • Supine and prone positioning.
    • Easy to disassemble.
    • Available through the Assistive Devices Program (ADP).
    • Armrests.
    • Lap tray.
    • Headrest.
    • Foot box.