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Maximum User Control with Minimum Effort.

Utensils designed for maximum user control with minimum effort. The comfort grip has a soft vinyl coating with finger indentations for a secure grip.

Product Code: PAR16T101

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    The Parsons knife blade has been designed to be useful, both as a regular dinner knife and as a rocker knife. It has a curved cutting edge making it a suitable knife for the one-handed person. Suited for people with poor grasp. Dishwasher safe and latex free.  
    • Finger indentations.
    • Ergonomic design for use with minimal effort.
    • Made in Canada.
    • Available in knife, fork and spoons (soup spoon and teaspoon) set.
    • Available in red for the visually impaired or white.
    • Comfort knives available with Red Grip.
    • Clip-on spoons or forks available.
    • Full tableware items available.