Black ABS Moulded Tray

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Designed for the Ultimate in Comfort and Protection.

Trays come in a variety of finishes from clear to black and are designed with a smooth surface to avoid food collection, foster easy cleaning and protect the skin from hard edges.

The tray option shown in the picture is the black moulded tray.

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    You can order the trays with or without integrated cup holders and with extra padding or covering if you prefer. Trays can provide forearm support and facilitate meals and other activities requiring a surface connected with the chair of your choice. Consult the above manufacturer PDF and call us for more information on different models and availability.
    • Smooth surface for easy cleaning.
    • Extremely lightweight.
    • Smooth edges for skin protection.
    • Slide on, adjustable anodized aluminum rails to allow for easy mounting.
    • Available through the Assistive Devices Program (ADP).
    • Available in different sizing.
    • Available in different finishes.
    • Available with padding.
    • Right or left cup holder.
    • Curved elbow stop.
    • Extended curved elbow stop.
    • Lateral stop.
    • Tray pads: gel/vinyl/velcro.