SpanAmerica APM2

Manufacturer Specifications  PDF


A Pressure-Guard Air Therapy Mattress Solution for Hospital Beds, to Prevent and Help with Pressure Ulcers.

The APM2 has been an industry-leading air therapy solution for more than a decade, based in large part on its documented superiority vs. typical, roll-up treatment surfaces.

Product Code: CHC5880LR29

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The newly upgraded cover design and control unit provide even greater immersion, envelopment, shear reduction, treatment flexibility, caregiver ergonomics and user comfort.

The design of the cover provides an additional measure of shearing protection which helps prevent heels, sacrum and scapula from “digging” into the surface and mitigated rotational shearing. The digital multi-function control unit features a low-pressure indicator light and a selectable audible alarm, a power failure indicator light, a comfort adjustment functionality and a timed (20 minutes) “Auto Firm” mode for transfers.

This mattress is indicated for treatment of stages 1 to 4 pressure ulcers and for users who cannot reposition frequently. It is also used as prevention for high-risk users. It provides alternating pressure, lateral rotation and a raised safety perimeter which helps with the prevention of falls.

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  • Weight capacity : 158 kg (350 lb).
  • Quiet and lightweight digital multi-function control unit.
  • Shear Transfer zones cover design.
  • Bleach-resistant fabric cover.
  • Fire retardant treated.
  • Silver3 proprietary fabric technology which protects surface form stains, odour-causing bacteria, mould and mildew.
  • Different mattress sizes available.