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A Commode with Wheels for Convenient Access.
Commodes are a popular rental item at Canada Care Medical. Persons recovering from a hospital procedure or from an injury may experience temporary walking limitations and require a bedside commode. A wheeled commode can also be easily moved, thereby always providing at-hand availability when you need it most.


We advise our clients to always lock the wheels on their commode before usage, to prevent the chair from moving and to avoid injuries.


  • Canada Care Medical is pleased to provide rentals to people requiring the temporary use of medical products or equipment. Call us or come in to reserve the medical equipment rental you need.
  • You can rent a product for a one-week period or several weeks, or on a monthly basis.
  • We rent commodes and sanitize them between users, however, the pail and splashers must be purchased new by customers.
  • We can pick up your rental once you are finished, in exchange for a pick-up fee.


  • Many of our customers find that they are quite pleased with their medical equipment rental and prefer to keep using it on the long term. It is possible to either purchase your rental or purchase the item new. Contact us for more information and availability.
  • Please see our product section under Bathroom Safety for more useful products to make your bathroom safer to use.

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